About us

Al-Sayeh group was established three decades ago by the late Farouq Al-Sayeh, the founder who was first to set the vision and goals of the group. Guided by the founder's thoughts and philosophies, the second generation kept moving forward putting immense efforts to continue with the legacy set by the late founder.



Select the best international brands and sustain and build a new long-term partnership with existing and new packers to maintain the highest quality possible for the Tourist brand.



Sustain our market share and thrive to lead the market in our target segments by ensuring the best logistics and selling services for our customers..



Expand our business activities locally and regionally and keep up with the future trends.



We strive to have the best team to work with us. We train our team members using the latest tools in sales, marketing, and management. We also care for their well-being and provide them with full healthcare services. Moreover, we reward those that demonstrate outstanding performance.


Identification Card:

ID#: 200013987

Trade Name: Farouq  AL sayeh Sons Marketing Trading Est.

Founder: Farouq AL sayeh.

Date of establishment: 1988.

Place of establishment: Al-Bayader / Amman - Jordan.

Activities: Food import, export and marketing.

Address: Al-Sayeh complex (3200 sq.m) Habar bin AL Osod st. um qosair – AL Moqablain – Amman.